Doctorow on Creative Commons, Scholarship, and Education

Novelist, blogger, and technology activist, Cory Doctorow, posted a video of some of his thoughts on the importance of an open-access approach to scholarship and education. He recorded this video for the European Union’s International Symposium on Helping Educational Leaders Use New Tools. Doctorow lays out some of his main arguments and ideas on the value of using Creative Commons in education because, as he says, “the educational system exists to educate students, not to subsidize publishers.”

Some of Doctorow’s ideas resonate with the work I’m doing for NiCHE Digital Infrastructure’s new project called Notes on Knowledge Mobilization. As this project progresses, I’ll continue to post stories here from time to time.


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  1. […] must escape from the copyright rubric.” Cory Doctorow makes a similar claim in the video I posted in June, arguing that educators have no obligation to uphold the interests (and sustain […]

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