Upcoming Nature|History|Society Fall Event with Professor Liza Piper

This November 16th and 17th, Professor Liza Piper will be visiting UBC for the Nature|History|Society Fall Event.

On Monday, November 16th, Professor Piper will participate in a special Q&A seminar about her new book The Industrial Transformation of Subarctic Canada. This book, published by UBC Press, explores the history of mining, fishing, and transportation in the large lakes region of Canada’s Subarctic. Professor Piper will speak about the process of researching, writing, and publishing this book and take questions from graduate students and faculty.

Professor Liza Piper

The next day, Tuesday, November 17th, Professor Piper will give a research lecture
on her new project on the history of disease and health in the Canadian North. Her talk, titled “Dying to Be Modern: Bodies, Environment, and Science in the Canadian North,” will present an overview of the disease experiences of northern peoples, beginning in the late nineteenth century, to expose the physical and social connections binding Arctic and Subarctic environments to other places in the world.  It will focus in on a case study to illuminate these ties: a 1949 poliomyelitis outbreak in Chesterfield Inlet on the western shore of Hudson Bay.

Download the PDF poster here.

You can listen to Professor Piper’s interview about another of her projects on the Exploring Environmental History podcast here:


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